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Dungeons & Dragons (click titles for pictures)

The Book of Magecraft (AD&D/Birthright) by Jean Rabe and Carrie A. Bebris (Paperback - 1996), like new $60/ ISBN: 0786903732

The Forgotten Realms Atlas by Karen Wynn Fonstad (Paperback - 1990) $50/ ISBN: 0880388579

Encyclopedia Magica (Advanced Dungeons and Dragons), Vol. 1: A-C edited by Doug Stewart (Imitation Leather - 1994) $25/ ASIN: unknown

Encyclopedia Magica Vol. 4: S-Z & Index Access edited by Doug Stewart (Imitation Leather - 1995) weird spots on page edges only visible when book closed $25/ ASIN: unknown

Set of 4 Planescape Monstrous Supplements (2600, 2603, 2607XXX1907, 2615XXX1905) $20/ ISBN/ASIN: unknown

Wrath of the Immortals (Dungeons & Dragons Game Accessory) by Aaron Allston (Box set - 1992), includes both books and both maps in box $200/ ISBN: 1560764120

Spellbound: Thay, Aglarond, and Rashemen (AD&D/Forgotten Realms) by Anthony Pryor and Fred Fields (Box Set - 1995), all set materials not accounted for in box - missing 128 page campaign guide & 1 card sheet $19/ ISBN: 078690139x

FORGOTTEN REALMS CAMPAIGN #1085 (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, 2nd Edition) by Wizards of the Coast (Box Set - 1993), all set materials accounted for in box $60/ ISBN: 1560766174
Rolemaster & Other (click titles for pictures)

Creatures and Treasures II (Rolemaster) by Monte J; Barrett, Kevin; Reeder, David; Charlton, Coleman Cook (Paperback - 1989) $17/ ISBN: 1558060790

Creatures & Treasures III (Rolemaster/Shadow World) by John A. Schmidt, Susan Schmidt and Don Mappin (Paperback - 1993) $94/ ISBN: 1558062009

Elemental Companion (Rolemaster) by Shawn Sharp and Steve Hickman (Paperback - 1990) $10/ ISBN: 1558060766

Rolemaster Companion II (Rolemaster 2nd Edition Game Rules, Fantasy Role Playing, Stock No. 1600) by P. Singh Khanna, Art Ridley and Mike Carlyle (Paperback - 1987), major cover wear only $18/ ISBN: 0915795973

Rolemaster Companion III by Don Coator, Darrin Anderson and Paul Jaquays (Paperback - 1989) $18/ ISBN: 1558060502

Rolemaster Companion III by Don Coator, Darrin Anderson and Paul Jaquays (Paperback - 1989), spine starting to separate from book $12/  ISBN: 1558060502

Creatures & Monsters (Rolemaster Companion) by John Curtis and Coleman Charlton (Paperback - 1999) $28/ ISBN: 1558065520

Of Channeling (#5803) by S. Coleman Charlton, Terry K. Amthor, John W., III Curtis and Cory Magel (Paperback - 1999) $17/ ISBN: 1558065539

Of Essence (Rolemaster Companion) by S. Coleman Charlton, Terry K. Amthor and John W., III Curtis (Paperback - 1999) $17/ ISBN: 1558065547

Of Mentalism (Rolemaster Companion) by S. Coleman Charlton, Terry K. Amthor and John W., III Curtis (Paperback - 1999) $14/ ISBN: 1558065555

Character Law (Rolemaster Companion) by Iron Crown Enterprises (Paperback - 1999) $19/ ISBN: 1558065563

Arms Law (Rolemaster Companion) by Iron Crown Enterprises (Paperback - 2003) $13/ ISBN: 1558065989

World of Darkness: Sorcerer by Phil Brucato and James Estes (Paperback - 1997), slight edge stain and cover wear, otherwise like-new $8/ ISBN: 1565044517

Bastet (Werewolf: The Apocalypse) by Phil Brucato (Paperback - 1996), some pages with lower dogeared corners folded flat again $9/ ISBN: 1565043359

...And a 10-Foot Pole (Rolemaster Standard System) by M. Bernhardt and John Curtis (Paperback - 1999), slight wear on edges, otherwise like-new $34/ ISBN: 1558063706